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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fit Matters! Warning... Blog about B-R-A-S!

If you follow me on twitter, you'll remember my promise to blog about my visit to the b-r-a store! If you don't follow me, get on it, I'm @townandbaby. Well... it was quite the (looking for the right word)... quite the adventure. Worst part of the experience- turns out I went from a size "D" pre-babies to a "G" post-babies. And let's face it- the only person that's happy about this is my husband! Breast part of the experience (out loud laugh at my own play on words) was EVERYTHING else!

I went to Romantic Notions in Spruce Grove. I've been there a few times before, but the store is now bigger and better since my last visit (and apparently so is my bra size)! Even with the intimidating (to me) lingerie, certain feathery things, and some "husband-approved" items, I felt at ease right away. I totally attribute this to the amazing staff, and the fact that no one laughed at me when they asked me to jump up and down in my bra to see what "happens"! I felt so at home I took some snap shots...

It's a bra case! I love it! And no I didn’t buy it!

I was at the bra store for 2 reasons. One, I needed to be fit for some new bras. I've been squishing into my old (and I mean OLD) sports bra since I grew out of my breastfeeding bras. And two, I had offered to be a demo mannequin for my Mama & Baby program this week, our topic- Fit Matters by Romantic Notions. And let me tell you... my demo boobs are not too mannequin-like!

I learned a lot on my adventure to "find me a new boy for these old girls!" That's what they're called, ya know! Girls are boobs and bras are boys. I LOVE IT! And fit really does MATTER... improperly fitting bras not only look BAD, they can also damage the breast tissue.

I left with 2 fab bras... one for my (someday, maybe tomorrow, if I get enough sleep) workouts and one for everyday wear. I love them! The right fit makes them comfortable, supportive, and... keeps my girls healthy!

So what are you waiting for... go get FITted!

Romantic Notions
204 McLeod Ave
Spruce Grove, AB.

Please note this is NOT an ADVERTORIAL.

Monday, April 18, 2011

You Are Sooooo Beautiful

Ever heard of the book, You Are Sooooo Beautiful? If you haven't, you are sooooo missing out! This book is written by local mom, Leanne Power. Out of her own quest to discover "true beauty", Leanne teaches young children (ages 4-104) the timeless message that beauty comes from within.

In a day and age where we are bombarded with media and "magazine Cover" definitions of beauty, I encourage every parent to read this book to their children... daily!

The book, now in its second edition, can be purchased in Spruce Grove at Dragon Lillie's or Coles Westland Market Mall and in Stony Plain at Evolutionary Education.

Even better, meet Leanne in person and purchase your book at the Grand Opening of Previously Adored Children's Wear on Saturday, April 23rd from 12-4 pm. This fantastic children's store is located at #108- 636 King Street in Spruce Grove. RSVP on line at the Previously Adored Facebook Page.

For more information about the book and author check out You can also follow the book on Facebook and Twitter!

Have a beautiful day!

PS... don't you just want to know why she chose 5 'O's? I do!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Little Monsters Swap Meet

The Little Monsters Swap Meet on Saturday was yet another great local event... mostly for moms of course! I popped in around 3pm and the place was still buzzing! Known for great "early bird" deals and a mix of "out-grown-it" sales and local mom and baby focused businesses, the LMSM did not disappoint!

I mingled. I shopped. I mingled. Each new event (new for me) I try to meet some new moms (new to me) or businesses. My favorites this weekend...

I finally met Emma from 2K Design. I have followed her on Facebook for months, drooling at every thing she sews. She makes me want to have another baby just so I can buy one of her carrier canopies!
While I am not a "juice" drinker... this one caught my eye- Youth Juice. Sold out here by a local mom named Robyn, she and I had a great "mom and nutrition" talk. She's also a R.N. and really knows her stuff!
My favorite of the day... boy I wish I had met this lady when I was pregnant! Her name is Krystal and she runs an amazing prenatal program via Mommy Connections. She's a mom, nurse, lactation consultant, etc. etc. etc. If you know someone who is pregnant they NEED to email

Missed the Swap Meet? Not to worry... there are still 4 more dates left: May 14th, June 11th, August 27th, and September 24th. See you there next time! Hmmm... maybe I'll even get a table of my own! Watch out Little Monsters!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just Mama Event #1

Meet-Up Mamas offers it's first "Just Mama" event @ Crock A Doodle in Spruce Grove!

Just Mama are events held in the evenings, generally once a month, and are just for mamas (or any woman)! Our first event details can be found below or at our Just Mama Events page. If our first event doesn't sound like a ton of fun, which it will be, because everything that involves wine is fun, then stay tuned for our June event... hint... we'll help you find a great babysitter, or two! 

Our next (first) Just Mama event:
Crock A Doodle- paint, wine, and mamas!

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 @ Crock A Doodle in Spruce Grove (across from Dragon Lillie's)!
Join us for painting, wine, and a whole lot of "just mama" talk.

Registration cost- $10+ cost of pottery piece. You will choose and pay for your pottery piece at the event.

To register click on Just Mama Events and scroll down for registration and payment information.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tri-County Tradeshow 2011

I went, I saw, I conquered! I dragged my mom, a fellow Grover, and both babies with me to the Tri Municipal Tradeshow at the TLC this past weekend. I think I may have mingled and schmoozed more than the vendors- in other words... I barely let them get a word in edge wise.

In one word- IMPRESSED! The TLC was packed full of vendors offering great local products and services. Of course, I was on the hunt for all things local for mama and baby! My favorite finds... a local website that is packed full of Tri Municipal events thanks to the amazing Jodi T! The fabulous Stony Plain duo of Heather McLellan and Beth McKenzie for whom my husband's wallet is going to be forever ungrateful to! Green, local, and handmade... great idea Barb!

Of course my sons favorite was the "tractors"... "twacters momma, twacters!" And his least favorite... the adorable (I thought) doggy mascot from Mutts Adored Inc.- a fabulous doggy day care and more!

Another great event in what I truly think is the best "town" in the world!

See you all at the Little Monsters Swap Meet this Saturday!